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Leo Ashe

Comedian, writer, political pundit, master debater, gadfly, thought leader, pretentious a**hole, and former conservative Jew for Jesus. Leo grew up as a Jewish Evangelical Christian Republican, before college (and reading) turned him into a ​progressive, elitist, latte-sipping atheist libtard with a degree in Political Science and Philosophy -- what a Kant! By day, he's the Chief Operating Officer/Co-Founder of a medical dispensary and the Democratic Policy Center (a progressive advocacy organization). But by night, he's a youtuber and screenwriter who performs stand-up, participates in debates, and is both a DJ and karaoke enthusiast.​​ He has worked in politics, law, business, and education; all before realizing that he was teleologically meant to be yet another cynically depressed Jew in comedy.​.. ​FOR MORE INFO VISIT: