SGDQ 2019 Panels: The Future of Romhacking

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Games Done Quick

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Geteilt November 8, 2019

Welcome to SGDQ 2019's edition of panels! Attendees from SGDQ came together to talk about various subjects related to speedrunning in front of fellow attendees, and were recorded so viewers at home could watch!

As access to tools and community knowledge have improved over time, more and more people are getting the opportunity to create romhacks of some of their favorite games. These hacks have ranged from pallet swaps of characters, custom music, and intricate graphics to new levels and mechanics, and randomizer-style breakdown and reassembly of entire worlds. With so much available, and more hacks being created daily, what is going to be available to us in one year? 5 years? This discussion panel, featuring creators and programmers of various romhacks and hacking tools, will take stock of where the state of romhacking is now, and what they think the future of romhacking will look like from a creator's perspective and from a player's perspective.

Panelists: Glitchcat7, Testrunner, dtothefourth, Jaku


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