Peru Market Machu Picchu: Silver and Ponchos 🇵🇪

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Harald Baldr

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Geteilt November 8, 2019

■ MACHU PICCHU, PERU: When people hear Machu Picchu, they probably don't think of shopping, but there is nevertheless a market there as soon as you get off the train and start wandering towards either the ruins or your hotel. So naturally I felt compelled to go and check out what was on sale plus gauge the prices there vis-a-vis other markets in Cusco and Bolivia.

To say that the prices shocked me would be understatement of the year.... this is by far the priciest market I've visited in South America but they did indeed have some nice things for sale. Bargains though, they were not, as many vendors would not budge even one Soles. That made for a pretty entertaining back and forths...